I Pre-Ordered 2k19 Last Night, Have You?

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So last night I’m just sitting at home ready to start up an online game of 2k18, and I’m prompted for like the 100th time to pre-order 2k19. Long story short, I did it.

I’m typically the type of guy to be in no rush to order the newest NBA 2K every year, but this year is different. Usually, I’ll hold off for a month or two from the release date to make my purchase, and it’s never been an issue. I would just be late in making MyPlayer and a couple steps behind on making my mark in online play. But this year, I even went above and beyond my “usual” and ordered the $99.99 20th Anniversary Edition with LeBron on the cover. I’m a LeBron guy, and I just couldn’t resist.

This means I’ll get to start playing this Friday (9/7) instead of waiting the extra 4 long days before the actual release date on the 11th. Plus I get some perks like 100,000 VC, and also the Lebron and Giannis Sapphire cards for MyTeam. I’m cool with that. But I’m really just more than ready to get playing online.

In 2k18, I stayed pretty true to my Celtics squad in my online games. I think I have almost 200 wins with the C’s online, at about a 60% winning clip. Not bad. I’m no pro, so I’m content with that. Not to mention, I ran with them even when Kyrie was out for a while, along with some other crucial players for 2k. If you don’t know, you typically get matched up with teams in the same tier as yours, so in my case I find myself matched up with the Warriors, Cavs, Rockets, and Thunder for nearly all my games. This can make things difficult for stretches, especially when you’re not at full roster strength. (You can imagine how happy I was when the season officially ended and I got my full roster back again).

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I plan to stick true to my Celtics online in 2k19 as well. First of all, I’m from New England, and I’ve always been a Celts fan. Second, they are an extremely deep team, and have some fun pieces to play with on 2k. I mean come on, Jayson Tatum is unreal for his first year in 2k. He’s my current favorite 2k player in the entire game. Obviously the other starters consist of Kyrie, Hayward, Horford, and Jaylen Brown. This starting group compliments each other extremely well in 2k. Perfect mix of ball handling, passing, shooting, slashing, shot-blocking, overall defense, and general team play. When you add in the deep bench with guys like Rozier, Smart, and Morris, you really have quite the squad to match up with any other team in the game.

So why did I pre-order this year? I’m really curious about the gameplay differences from 2k18 to 2k19. I’m curious to see the slight differences in movement, shots, and overall realistic traits of the players. I plan to use my 4 day early jump to really get a feel for the players in regular exhibition games, then be ready to start destroying teams with the Celts online before everyone else even purchased the game. Over the last year, I got plenty of use out of 2k18. I seemingly played more 2k18 than any other prior year’s game, and I really want to hone down my skills and be better for 2k19. I hope you’re as ready as I am. Go pre-order now.


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