Jayson Tatum Is My Favorite Player To Use In 2k19

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This is the first year I pre-ordered an NBA2k game, and I haven’t been disappointed. I wrote a blog about pre-ordering this game as well. With that said, I’ve spent some time navigating through most game modes (Play Now Online, MyTeam, MyCareer, and Park Games are my favorites) to get a good feel for the game in its entirety.  I’ve played my fair share of each of the games modes, but I always lean towards playing an Online match (especially with Boston).

The Celtics were my go-to team in 2k18 online matches, especially because you could pick a team from any tier-rating in any match. There was no criteria to getting a certain amount of wins with each tier, per division, like there is in 2k19. This year, I still use the Celtics as often as possible.

They have so many offense weapons, so I don’t find myself trying to overuse one player and force shots. And on defense, they can switch at almost every position and get into the passing lanes which leads to an athletic transition offense. They are deep, and each game line is always different.

One game I might have 18pts and 12reb for Horford, and another I might might 7-threes with Kyrie. Maybe even a 25pt eruption from Jaylen Brown. I just go with the flow, feed who’s hot, but never force with one player.

My favorite 2k player on the Celtics, and maybe in the entire game is Jayson Tatum. I have his corner three down, and get the green excellent release very often. I find myself mostly using him as a catch and shoot from deep, but never hesitate to take the open lane for a explosive slam.

He’s one player that I actually use in an iso, and never have a problem to find an open look. He can even pull-up off the dribble with ease once you get his release down. Tatum is most useful to me stretching the floor at the 4-spot, where he’s athletic enough to cause a mismatch problem for opposing teams.

If you play Online matches in NBA 2k19, and haven’t used the Celtics yet, give them a shot. I’m not biased just because I’m a Boston fan; they are the real deal. Once you start using Tatum and get his release down, you’ll find the Celtics to be one of your favorite teams in 2k19. Green light corner three.



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